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DURATION OF THE TOUR: approx. 45 minute

The Saxon State Opera Dresden is a masterpiece of the art of restoration. Like no other building it unites impressive sumptuousness with the highest functionality. Its auditorium‟s acoustics is regarded to be the best in an opera house in the entire world.

The opera‟s company with the Saxon State Orchestra has an excellent reputation to go far beyond the borders of Germany.

Experience the Semper Opera during a fascinating tour throughout foyers, vestibules and the auditorium and learn about the moving history of the building, the logistics behind the scenes and the day-to-day-business of the company.


Guided tour in an exklusive small group of max. 10 people
170,00 €

Guide tour in an exklusive group of max. 20 people
270,00 €

Guided tour in an exklusive group of max. 30 people
290,00 €